Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pirates! Cannons! Battleships! Earn vast wealth as you trade between bountiful islands and confront cutthroat enemies to plunder their treasures. Captain mighty vessels and command your salty crew as you seek revenge on your mutinous former 1st Mate...

Hello blog! Been a long time! I've been busy with my good friend Jon Kelly working on a game: HighSeas. This game has a long history of slow development but just recently we've been working hard to get it done! We've released this promo pic to get the news out about the game, which we are planning to release later this year. So exciting! Take a look here for more information:

I'm going to try to be more on this blog and use it as a development blog to give you all some updates about progress. Keep your eyes peeled for more fun pictures and snippets like this to come soon! Here are more links to follow myself and Jon for development news:

Looking forward to having more to show off soon!