Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Finally! Creativity! haha carved pumpkins with the folks last night. My dad had the idea for the eyepatch and mouth shape on mine, even though he didn't carve. My mom did the smiley one. She's good at the cute ones, even though her pumpkin was like a rock and I had to help with some of the carving.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun halloween! Eat candy and get crunkkk

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The past is a grotesque animal

The past is a grotesque animal
and in it's eyes you see,
how completely wrong, you can be
- Of Montreal

Regret is a silly thing. Hindsight being 20/20 is a rather misleading phrase, because we can't see the past, just remember it. Memories have a funny way of being warped by the dreamer, whether that dreamer be conscious or otherwise.

Memories and moments come together in the mind as a linear stream, a story to be told again and again, but the experiences of the soul are not bound to time. The emotions of the past come to us but those feelings are not tied to the present mind. Our past should become a mausoleum of sorts, to be used as a reflecting pool into the soul.

Use the emotions from the past to guide future decisions, but do not dwell on things that are already in the past, because it will only serve to eat away at your soul. The best thing to do to heal a wounded soul is share the energy from the world around. Keep moving forward in the linear progression of time, and let your soul grow from the lessons of the past.

If you think about it, the person you are now has already gained from any mistakes or successes in the past, and to think you are any less of a person for that is wrong. By acknowledging the past you already are way ahead of the game for any similar issues that can come at you from then on, so why get stuck in a rut about something you can't change anyways?

It's time for everyone to start thinking about what they can change. I miss creation, art, and adventure. The working world and being at a desk all day is damn draining on the imagination parts of your brain. This post marks the start of my re-entrance back into the world of art and creativity. I hope to use this blog to post my creations, and eventually it will be a development blog for my projects. Time to get started...